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The Vault Combination Facial

A facial therapy tailor made especially for your skin type

Providing you with a truly prescriptive approach, this highly relaxing therapy will leave your skin fresh, clear and full of radiance. Regardless of your skin type, age or concerns, this facial will be perfect for you. (£60 - 60mins)
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Diamond Brilliance Facial

An anti-aging facial using the powers of crystals and minerals

A spectacular anti-ageing therapy based on the skincare benefits offered by stones, crystals and minerals. Rich in zinc and iron this treatment regenerates and restores the skin’s youthfulness, increasing the skins luminosity and combating the signs of ageing. (£65 - 60mins)
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Hydro-Safe Facial

Deeply Hydrating, lifting and firming.

An advanced anti-ageing therapy providing a high level of hydration with an intense tautening and lifting effect. Hydro-Safe stimulates the recovery of the skin’s firmness whilst working to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The skin is left smoother, firmer and well hydrated. (£70 - 60mins)
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Age Investor Facial

Filling lines and wrinkles from within

An advanced anti-ageing therapy using the very latest innovations. The products used contain ‘Micro-Dermoxine Complex’ an exclusive combination of peptides which have a specific anti-wrinkle effect. Facial microtensions are neutralised and collagen microfragments are provided which fill in wrinkles. Whilst this treatment is highly relaxing the visible results are seen immediately showing a more youthful appearance. (£92.50 - 60mins)
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C+ Intense Boost Facial

The solution for skin which looks dull and tired.

An advanced anti-ageing therapy that intensely repairs and revitalises the skin using the power of Vitamin C. Regenerating the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and optimizing hydration, this therapy provides immediate results. Includes an advanced anti-ageing massage which is highly relaxing. (£65 - 60mins)
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Eye Spy Facial

Providing Instant Eye Youthfullness

Our Timexpert Eye Treatment works in a natural way to fill in and plump out lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The skin around this delicate area is left looking smoother, lines and wrinkles are reduced in length and depth, and dark shadows and bags under the eyes are reduced. Your treatment includes an express cleanse and tone. (£30 - 30mins)
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Oxygen Heist Facial

A preventive aging facial for all skin types, using oxygen therapy to hydrate and illuminate

A superb anti-ageing treatment which uses a complex of active proteins and oxygen to increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity. A key ingredient ‘Life-Cytoxygen’ provides real stores of molecular oxygen that work from the skins surface to the deepest layers allowing the skin to recover the optimum levels of oxygen. The skin appears more radiant and detoxified. Includes our advanced anti-aging facial massage. (£75 - 75mins)
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Ocean Gateway Body

An exfoliating therapy to free your skin of dead cells

Enjoy a delicious, invigorating and exfoliating massage with a taste of the sea. Rich in salts and algae with seawater, your skin will be left smooth and deeply renewed. (£30 - 30mins)
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Deep In The Vault Body

An aromatic massage tailored to suit your mood and lifestyle

Indulge in a beautiful, aromatherapy massage using a customised blend of aromatherapy oils to meet your needs. (£30 - 30mins | £60 - 60mins)
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Body Recovery Body

An anti-stress full body massage to the pressure of your choice

Commences with warm bags of pinda stones that deeply release tensions, the ultimate treatment for deep relaxation to help you unwind. (£30 - 30mins | £60 - 60mins)
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In The Red Body

A stunning massage using our sensuous Mediterranean Candle

The burning and releasing of beautiful aromas and warm oil of Lavender and Mandarin droplets are massaged over the body, combined with a deep ‘Lomi lomi’ massage technique. The most enchanting treatment to be had at The Vault. (£75 - 75mins)
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Inner Balance Body

A truly sumptuous treatment using extracts of precious stones and minerals to energise, firm and balance the skin

Working with an exquisite massage medium containing extracts of Rhodocrosite, Malachite and Diamond in combination with a gentle exfoliating powder enriched with Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby. This produces a luxurious exfoliating mousse which softens and energises the body. A collection of semi-precious minerals, which correspond with the 7 different chakra points on the body, are used for a highly relaxing holistic massage. Simply sumptuous the most spectacular body therapy ever! (£60 - 60mins)
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Eastern Retreat Body

A sensuous body treatment with saffron

Enjoy the aroma and anti-oxidising power of saffron with specialised massage rituals, which incorporate the use of silks, and gentle body stretches to ease your senses to a faraway place and release tensions, calming the soul. (£70 - 60mins)
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Detox at The Vault Body

A detoxifying algae body wrap

An active wrap, combining micronized algae and seawater with a high concentration of trace elements to encourage a total detox effect. This treatment achieves a significant result on skin tone, reducing the appearance of cellulite, whilst adipose tissue and toxins are naturally eliminated. (£60 - 60mins)
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Youthful Peel for Hands Flash Spa

An extraordinary hand therapy using unique fruit acids

Re-defining and softening your hands. Visibly reducing age spots and lines to uncover velvety smooth hands. Your flash therapy continues with heated stone Pinda’s compressed across your shoulders release tensions. (£15 - 15mins)
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Purifying Back Cleanse Flash Spa

An invigorating back exfoliation and cleanse combined

First a gorgeous back exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and invigorate your back. Then a luxurious hot towel compression for removal, with a gentle pressure point massage to ease muscular tensions. (£15 - 20mins)
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Express Kobido Cleanse Flash Spa

Providing illumination and youthfullness

The Japanese art of cleansing is an experience to behold. A unique facial to provide the skin with a more illuminating and youthful appearance. Upon consultation your therapist will choose from our prescriptive line to tailor make a facial to suit your skin concerns. (£15 - 15mins)
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Shiatsu Flash Therapy Flash Spa

A sensational dry massage originating from ancient Japanese medicine

Shiatsu provides a truly unique therapy. Your therapist applies pressure to your meridian points helping to revive energy and restore harmony, all whilst you are fully clothed, an enchanting release. (£15 - 20mins)
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