Spa For Men

C + Energy Vitamin Boost
A facial based on a cocktail of plant extracts and vitamins
This therapy had been designed to specifically meet the needs of men’s skin, often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving. (£60 – 60mins)
Skin Purity
A deep cleansing facial treatment
Enjoy on its own or add onto any other treatment to completely renew and restore the skin. (£25 – 15mins)
Deep in The Vault
An aromatic massage tailored to suit your mood & lifestyle
Indulge in a beautiful, aromatherapy massage using a customised blend of aromatherapy oils to meet your needs. (£30 – 30mins | £60 – 60mins)
The Safe Investment
Back exfoliation and aromatic massage
A soothing therapy commencing with a combination of gentle aromasand pinda pressure relaxation, before you enjoy a glorious back scrub that contains marine elements to invigorate and renew. Your treatment continues with an aromatic massage. Firm pressures across your body ease tensions and deeply relax even the most stressed out man! (£80mins – 60-120mins)